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2018 Texas DPS Demon Speed Enforcement unit

NON ELS 2018 Texas DPS Demon Speed Enforcement unit 1.0

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Speed Enforcement Unit, Based off of the Dodge Challenger Donated to Texas DPS. Do to lack of havinbg the proper lighting equipment to do the fron grill, i opted to make the Intake Tubs Halo Lights flash red and blue. As far as the rear went i made the brake lights flash, and the lightbar has inspiration from the DPS and my local police department. The Interior is incredibly basic as it is IRL, Lacking a proper console i utilized a Whelen Cencom Saphire Siren controller, and a Stalker Dual DSR for the Radar Equipment. This Vehicle has a Realistic(to an extent) handling line, that is Speed limited do to the fun scenarios that happen when you go over 150 in game.

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