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2015 Pierce Enforcer Rear Mount Ladder | WORKING LADDER

NON ELS 2015 Pierce Enforcer Rear Mount Ladder | WORKING LADDER 1.0

No permission to download
This is a 2015 Pierce Enforcer 105' Rear Mount Stick Ladder, with a 500 Gallon Water Tank, and working Master Stream.
Some of the features of this file are the working ladder and outriggers, quality lighting, and working compartments(Empty As Of Now, and Update is coming soon)

To Control the Ladder do the following

1. Park the Ladder
2. Turn on Extra 2
3. Turn Off Extra 3
Optional - Turn on Extra 12 for Scene Lighting at the Ladder Tip
4. Look Forward and hold H
5. Look where you want the ladder to move
6. Use Shift and Control to extend and retract the ladder respectively
7. Use Right Click if needed to fire the Master Stream Nozzle
8. Get out of the vehicle
9. Enjoy your fully working and Climbable Ladder

Here is a Showcase made by Mallard Modifications
Skin by Kevlar Designs
Screenies by Jimmy Mcneil
Finch Modifications
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest reviews

Nice truck, link to the discord has expired
Love it a lot, wish the template was included also wish the ladder could get a higher angle but is still amazing