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Like i said many times the pack is fucking sick and cool but whenever I download it and unzip it and do what I'm supposed to do I watched the tutorial and everything and when I get into game and try to spawn it nothing happens, so can we get a fix??
awsome pack, keep up the work !
For which package of police vehicles are these textures used?
Not one specific. I try to cover the most commonly used models so it should work most vehicles in most packs.
I just put this pack back in for the second time. I keep come back to it because of how solid it is. The ELS is really good. amazing work!
Its always nice to see someone creating some smaller department skins. Hope to see more from you in the future. Ill certainly use some of these in videos, as well.
There's 2 police packs in progress already and more to come! I will check out your channel and be on the lookout. Thanks for your download and support.
Super great job on the cars man, really enjoy them a lot and can't wait to showcase them.
Are you updating this package to version 8.2?
Amazing pack!!!!!!
great pack
Looks amazing! One question, is that Fresno County door badge?
Bro, I m not used to give reviews. But this pack, man, this pack....
I swear to got it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have 3 of your packs installed by now and this is by far the best. God how much I love the speed enforcement charger(stateeleven) it almost makes me cry of joy.... The pops&bangs he's firing from the exaust are insaneee, with a gear changing mod it's even better. The only thing that this is missing it's the rest of the cars list on the forum.
Beautiful pack!

Featured it in my latest video.
Great and Interesting Models
Def be using the Harmony in a vid.
Thank you! Please share the link for the vid with me and send some screenshots. I may add a matching texture for the charger if you end up liking this.
Great pack to use, LSPD and friends next??
LSSD & friends is in progress
Amazing pack as always. Thank you grime!!!!!!
Greet and nice
i did run into a issue that i couldnt get into the tow truck but other than that amazing game
It´s cool pack. And have you got template for new f350?
absolutely amazing work as always, great quality models and a super fun time to play LSPDFR with!