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everything works awesome and awesome job on the incredible details u did.. like the light patterns and all the vehicles bud great job!
Thank you very much!
Being from the Great South Land, or as you guys would say....Downunder.
We just have our State or Federal Police.
Sheriffs are just linked to the Courts(employed).
So trying to understand that you guys have State Police/Troopers; City/Metro/Uni/etc Police; Country Police & Sheriffs.

That is why I was so happy to see a great State Pack.

thank you, your blood is worth bottling.
Really high quality and is a good fit for anyone doing something retro, or if you just want to mess around with some older cars. Nicely done!
Harry talked with me about some work and I gave him a challenge that he delivered on.
The pack is great but for a lot of the vehicles, mainly slick tops the front lightbars don't reflect off walls in front of the vehicles but underneath the cars.
Can you get me a list of which cars and dm it to me?
everything is perfect
I dropped these in the slots I needed to fill and they work beautifully. Love these vehicles so much!
Excellent Pack! great livery work, unique designs and lighting, Love It!
everything is super but after medic4523 new update tower13a is not spwan everytime its show can not find tower13a
Amazing work GTAKING23000!!!
Thank you very much!
These vehicles look awesome! Keep up the good work!!!
Absolutely beautiful pack! Good work these vehicles look great and I love the variety!!!
I need to know where to download a working Vehicle GadgetsPlus...
The models are amazing. I just need to know where to find VG +
Absolutely amazing, would be nice if there was a UB backup already included with it tho.
U allready have the text to add to defaultregion, customregion and special unit. I cant provide the file directly... every game are different so it would crash people's game more often that it would work. Its some work to do but at least it wont brake anything.
Great work! I love the vehicles and the skins!!!
I love the choice of vehicles here, They look amazing with your skins! Great work!!!
Great work, I love this skin! Gotta add it to my fleet!