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Timmins Ontario Police Livery Pack

TEXTURE Timmins Ontario Police Livery Pack 1.0.0

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Timmins Ontario texture pack has four vehicles all with lightbars. All vehicles are currently in the Timmins police fleet. Please read the "installation guide" this will help install some of the textures that could cause complications. Some vehicles textures in the pack have a reflective texture that needs to be replaced with the given files in the texture pack. You will also need to make small modifications to the carvariation files to prevent a matte finish from appearing on the vehicles. If any vehicles are missing from the texture packs that you would like to see please let me know. Feedback is encouraged.

Screenshot (69).png
Screenshot (71).png
Screenshot (74).png
Screenshot (72).png

The package is just the livery for the vehicle. Vehicle model themseleves are distributed and created separately by another developer (Link is in credits and below in description)
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    Screenshot (70).png
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