Jedahdiah's Old Patreon Packs [Public]

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Jedahdiah's Old Patreon Packs
Release date: March 2023
Credits last updated: March 2023

Hello everyone! The time has come to begin releasing the older packs from Patreon. It was beginning to
clutter up my hardrive anyway. It should tide you all over month to month whilst I try and crap
out more public packs.
This will be updated everytime the Patreon previous packs have been updated, so roughly every couple of months. In
here you'll find old liveries, older mini-packs and so on.
This is being released 'as is': I.E. there are no updates or support for these older packs. My terms of service still
apply however, and will be released on FR soon (if you're reading this from FR: HI!)

Installation instructions:
- Each pack should come with it's own set of installation instructions. So are DLC, and some are simple replace.

- An FAQ area is set up and can be updated with anything else people need to know.
- This area will try and cover as much as possible for you.
- As said before, I will not be providing support in installing these files.
- DO NOT USE the review system on the sites for reporting installation issues, issues already reported, or for anything other than review.
- Please use the comments section on the sites and see if your solution to the issue is there, and if not, leave a comment or join my discord and
open a support ticket

- For credits, please see the credits documentation in the main file, as it is a combined version of all the various credit
documentation in each patreon pack.

Known Bugs:

None yet
If there are bugs or whatever, just PM me or leave a comment.

Terms of use:
DO NOT distribute my content without my express permission! This includes the file itself, liveries, models or the screenshots.
Do not modify the carcols codes without my permission. That includes taking the custom codes and using it for your own personal packs, public packs or FiveM server.
DO NOT use the vehicles in a FiveM server, group or clan without my express permission. Just ask me.
Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me
This file is freeware. Do not sell or distribute the content. The author accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else.
DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the vehicle in any way (except for texture files). Vehicles are LOCKED for a reason.

Screenshots below

BCRP '15 Charger (3).jpg
BCRP '15 Charger (1).jpg
SADPS (2).jpg
SADPS (6).jpg
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