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I use codewalker to essentially, clean up areas in which its make me, or someone who maps more easy for them to make a map.. The download comes with everything you would need in order to run it on a FiveM server..You'd put the resource on my server cfg and it actually works, so if I can do it, hopefully it will (hopefully) work for you.... this map is intended to make 5M look better. You make the map in Single player, convert it, and then stream both that new ymap AND this as separate resources.. I am currently planning on making a map here and an edited version of that will be released when done.
What's New in Version 1.1
Released January 1
updated to include the resource as drag and drop into you server resources folder, also includes the sp files. I cant stress enough that you need to use a mods folder and replace all the files in the respective folders IN EACH folder... usually there will be 3 or 4 folders that will replace the files..
this is intended for people who make maps and for the area to generally look better.. There will me invisible collision in areas and I do not know how to remove it..
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