Blaine County Sheriffs

EUP Blaine County Sheriffs 1.0

No permission to download

This is my EUP retexture for my BCSO thats coming soon. Has a dozen or so outfits.

Do enjoy. I will not provide support for installing eup. I believe I used 9.2 when I created these, I dont remember.

Dont rip/steal/reupload/claim as yours, blah blah.

Use them anywhere, just give credit where its due.

These are pretty much essential for my outfits to be 100%

Hanako Bodycam and Shoulder Mic (In Multiple Outfits, but not required)

Hanakos Clothes Pack (For Hoodie and K9 pants)

German Shepherd K9 Replacements (I didnt do anything with it, just dont be the guy using a vanilla K9)
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