[Casual Milsim] [NA] Paradise Gaming


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Sep 9, 2019
==Who we are==
Paradise Gaming Arma Division was created to allow players of the Arma 3 community to have an authentic milsim experience without the hassle of ranking structures, mandatory training or limiting members to just one role. Our vision for the community is to give all players of Arma 3 a fun experience and a place to create everlasting friendships while looking cool when kicking in that door.

To join you are required to have a working microphone, a working copy of Arma 3, an Internet connection (well duh ofc you need that), a will to learn new things, and a will to enjoy yourself during serious and all the fun Arma meme times. We have no set age limit as long as you are mature and respectful to other members.

==How do I join?==
To join all you have to do is join our discord server, sign-up on the website and get the Arma 3 reaction role via the discord bot and you are all set to start playing. Along with downloading the mod preset we use, once the mods are downloaded we complete a short introduction to make sure everything is setup properly and go over somethings in the mod pack.

==Ranking and Roles==
We have no milsim ranking structure, all roles are open as first come first serve with sign-ups for specific slots.

Our operations will take place in a campaign style that is story-driven with each mission. Operations are Wednesdays and Fridays with step-off at 8PM EST.

We have no required attendance or mandatory operations, we ask that you do your best to make it to as many operations as you can and that you let us know if you are stepping away for a while.

Discord: https://discord.gg/8zchPbnc9t
Website: https://forum.paradisegaming.com