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[A3][Star-Sim][GARC][91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps][New Player Friendly]


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Aug 16, 2020
Ever want to run around as a clone trooper and blast droids? How about flying a LAAT around dropping troops off on a LZ and then flying CAS missions? Maybe you want to roll around in a tank providing armor support? I have been rolling with this group for just over a month and having a blast.

91st Reconnaissance Corps Recruitment Commercial:

The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps are the eyes and ears of the Grand Army of the Republic. As the first clones to get eyes on the enemy, it is the 91st’s duty to recon the AO, and assault enemy positions in an attempt to weaken their overall strength. We strike fast and we strike hard. With 2 Infantry Platoons, Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos, a full accompaniment of armored support vehicles, fixed wing and rotary aircraft, the 91st dominates the enemy across all terrain. Be it assault, defense, VIP extract or transport, Explosive Ordinance placement or removal, the 91st is prepared to challenge any enemy head on. Being a member of GARC, we hold and join in joint Op’s with other GARC members (501st, 212th, 101st and 327th) Op’s cover a wide range of objectives and storylines in an attempt to keep things as fresh as possible.

For 1st Platoon, our main operations occur on Saturday at 6:30 EST, while 2nd Platoon deploys for operations on Friday at 6:30 EST with various Fun Ops (ops with less stress on rules and more emphasis on a good time) spread throughout the week.

We hope you join us and look forward to seeing you starside. Additional Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-SE4x8lUTsgMmwt6q8sxNjtAb0eL-xwTQ3G34HEm2cM/edit?usp=sharing

Discord: https://discord.gg/qy3K82Z
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Updated with the new Op days. Still always recruiting if you want to get your star wars on.