Blaine County & Friends

ELS Blaine County & Friends 1.1

No permission to download
omg, it's incredible!)
This is a must have!! Thank you for what you do!
Literally the best pack I have ever seen.
Absolutely amazing work
Great pack! Excellent work!!!
awsome pack, keep up the work !
Super great job on the cars man, really enjoy them a lot and can't wait to showcase them.
great pack
Looks amazing! One question, is that Fresno County door badge?
Great and Interesting Models
Great pack to use, LSPD and friends next??
LSSD & friends is in progress
Amazing pack as always. Thank you grime!!!!!!
Greet and nice
i did run into a issue that i couldnt get into the tow truck but other than that amazing game
It´s cool pack. And have you got template for new f350?
absolutely amazing work as always, great quality models and a super fun time to play LSPDFR with!
Great pack wish thre was an lspdfr ageny ini for this
Make one and ill include it.
One of the best packs I have seen so far!
Loss for words. You did what basically EVERYONE that ever dev'd has ever wanted to do. Big props to you bud! Cars look great, Cinematic was phenomenal, and your overall dedication to this project is just was the GTA community needs, we need more like you here!

again, AMAZING job!