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Modification Universe Amnesty Program:

If you have been banned for long term time periods and have corrected your ways, there is now a path to regain your reputation on MU. The requirements are as follows:

[1] You must not have committed large scale ripping, leaking, redistributing, etc. These people will still be denied for this program.
[2] Person banned must admit to all wrong doings to the community at large (GTA modding community, etc).
[3] Person banned must explain why they now understand what they did was wrong and how it effects others.
[4] Person banned must apologize to all communities, modders, etc effected by their offense.

All this can be done via our "Ban Appeal" form on the website.
Please use the title "MU Amnesty Program" somewhere on the form.

MU reserves the right to ban anyone that is acting in any way against our policies, featured developers, or other modders in our community and in a manner to protect their assets.

Once Approved:

[1] You will be notified by the MU administration team.
[2] You will need to serve a 90 day probationary period as a "guest" account on MU to show that you can, indeed, be a productive member of the community.
[3] You may be set with further requirements by MU administration team via a case-by-case basis.

MU Administration Team

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