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Rich's Police Enhancements 1.3

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I will not provide support for this plugin in the comments of this file, on the LSPDFR forums, or in my PMs. If you need support with this plugin, you may find me on the LSPDFR Lounge Discord server.


Rich's Police Enhancements is a suite of quality of life features. All features are able to be enabled/disabled in the .ini file, so use (or don't) any feature you want.

Included Features

  • Ambient Backup: Nearby police AI in vehicles will automatically join your pursuit.
  • Automatic Pursuit Updates: You will be periodically notified (configurable in the .ini) of suspect location, direction of travel, speed, and traffic conditions for each suspect in a pursuit.
  • AI Siren Cycling: Nearby police AI will attempt to cycle through their sirens instead of being stuck on the same tone forever
  • Better TVI/PIT Maneuver (experimental) When you spin out a suspect vehicle during a pursuit, there's a chance the vehicle will become disabled
  • Silent Backup: During a traffic stop or callout (pursuit included), AI backup will turn their lights/sirens off when they are near you if your stage 3 lighting is off. When you turn stage 3 lighting on, the AI will turn their lights/siren back on.
  • Priority Radio Traffic (requires PoliceSmartRadio if enabled) By using either PoliceSmartRadio or VocalDispatch (configurable in the .ini), you may request priority radio traffic at any time. This will play a tone every X seconds (configurable in the .ini). This feature doesn't affect gameplay in any way, it is simply for immersion and roleplay.
  • Ambient BOLO Alerts: You will receive BOLO alerts for vehicles in the world. You are given the vehicle model, license plate, color, last known location, direction of travel, and a reason for the BOLO. You are not given a blip on the map. There is a chance you may receive updated BOLO information as time goes on. After a set amount of time (configurable in the .ini), the BOLO will expire if you do not find the vehicle. If you do find the vehicle, you must initiate a traffic stop on it for the BOLO to be considered successful. OJ's ALPR Traffic Cameras plugin may compliment this feature:

Follow the instructions in the readme.txt and verify your settings in the .ini file.

Known Issues

Ambient BOLO Alerts:

-Stalion model name may display as a hash code 0x72A4C31E in the BOLO notification

AI Siren Cycling:

-Sometimes a vehicle's siren will be stuck on indefinitely after a pursuit ends




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