2020 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan

DEV 2020 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan 1.0

No permission to download
Vertex count: 198k
7mb/9mb high/low YFT, respectively
Works best with POLICE3 handling
LOD'd to L2 (L2 is just a hollow bodyshell, chassis and blacked out windows/glass, around 40k, give or take)
49 materials

Assigned Light IDs
Interior buttons and sidemarkers illuminate with the headlights
Hands on/near steering wheel
Breakable glass
Templated license plate frame with template in Textures folder (DDS format)
Functional dummies (Plate light, dash glow, exhausts, overheat, etc.)
Paint3 material with [PAINT:1] tag to allow liveries and changeable body colors via trainer or LS Customs
Templated and dirt mapped

Note: If you make an add-on with this vehicle, set your camera height to 0.600

By downloading and using the models provided to you, you agree to the following stipulations and terms;

Any modifications made to base models from all tiers must be LOCKED if they are uploaded in any projects you publish! For example, police, fire, or EMS vehicles.

- You may NOT distribute any content from any tier with ANYONE that is not a patron.
- You may NOT sell any content in it's original state which you acquired it from, meaning that you are NOT permitted to sell any unlocked base models.
- Base model edits are NOT allowed to be sold. Only freely distributed. In this case, do NOT claim sole credit. That's a shitty thing to do.

- Usage in private sales and public uploads in a LOCKED FORMAT is ALLOWED.
- Usage in private sales does NOT require a license or equity. You may sell to your hearts content. Just make sure that I am credited.
- Uploading liveries is allowed, however, you may only upload the texture itself in that case. For any questions, concerns or clarification, please message me directly.
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