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Flashpoint RP

Flashpoint Roleplay, the official FiveM community of mods*by*medic4523 and Modification Universe, is a whitelisted lore public safety dedicated roleplay community. Led by members with real life fire, EMS, police, and dispatch experience, Flashpoint strives to offer a fun but professional and educational opportunity. Membership has opportunity to roleplay as a civlian, with State Police, with fire/rescue, or with 911 dispatch. While we are not an esx community, citizen roles can take on life in tow operations, DOT maintenance, or many other roleplay factions.

The "community" is governed by a Board of Commissioners that includes representatives from the public safety disciplines as well as citizen roles. This Board guides the operations of the community and is the decision making body. Flashpoint has enlisted many dev pieces to enhance the experience, including scripts, custom vehicles, custom peds, custom buildings/maps, etc.

Flashpoint Roleplay was born earlier in 2020, but due to the toll of COVID on some members of leadership we had to suspend development. This version of Flashpoint, dubbed "The Second Alarm," took on even more meaning for the developers as we saw public safety battered by COVID, civil unrest, and work stress leading to suicide. Flashpoint is now, and forever will be, dedicated to the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in public safety. On September 11, 2020, we publicly announced Flashpoint Roleplay. As a community dedicated to the memory of our fallen and representing them with honor, Patriot Day is the day we will remember them in our own special way.

Thank you for joining us!​